We aim to practice organic learning in free-thinking spaces for naturally curious minds by way of skilling, up-skilling, re-skilling and unlearning approaches leading to co-operative schooling with disruptive thinking anchored to deep-rooted values.


We are driven by the learn with life, learn for life movement that relies learning with the head,working with the hands, acting with the heart and thriving on the hope led by genuine consistency and observation.



The School was founded to enrich our nation, particularly Tamilnadu with efficient, patriotic, pragmatic and curious students from the working sector where most of the parents are not highly educated. We hope to widen our horizon over varied spheres where a child gets to experience intellectual and emotional growth through an avalanche of developmental exercises. Our intended research centre will bear this at its end to meet.


True education is training both the head and heart. Learn to learn and then unlearn. One could have good grades and degree and not know much. Its imperative to combine disparate disciplines and get creative. This exploration hand in hand with ethics gives way to holistic development and an individual ready to get on with the world full of challenges and opportunities. Our Mission is to create such a word where the child is made aware of his/her own passion for life.



Education in its absolute essence is the Apple of one’s eye. We need to actualize this vision and provide the means to consummate learnedness among populace.


The pursuit of Education begins when there is a dalliance of critical and creative thinking, breaking the ground for progress. Progressive learning is the expanse where we have to train our sights on. By 2020, Team SVV will reach the benchmark of channelizing the students’ understanding on the complementary relationship between reading and writing thereby facilitating comprehensive understanding of the curriculum and beyond. This effectively leads to a holistic learning environment prompting higher order thinking skills, critical examination and creative development.



Let learning become organic and opportunities become abundant. The School shall nurture the mind, enrich the heart, work through the hands and have the hope of flourishing with certainty


Montessorian and Waldorf inspiration to be found in Kindergarten, Kinesthetics of learning applied in Pre-primary, Skill development is a focus in primary years.



A living epitome for intellectual leadership and a martinet to the core, this Engineer envisions providing means to consummate learnedness among the populace. As the MD of A.K. Constructions and business interests in varied enterprises, from spinning mills to printing solutions, his rich exposure to the industry empowers his mission with a diverse and innovative approach.

Founder Principal

A phenomenal rise from the role of a teacher to an Edupreneur, she is a visionary par excellence. A charismatic persona armed with the ability to shoot down challenges, she has crafted a society that supports her endeavor to bring about a change in the grass root communities. A Doctorate of Letters (D.LITT) by the US Tamil University, special citation from the Governor of Maryland, USA, Keynote Speaker at the World Conference of Educational Leaders held in University of London, are few prestigious bedizenments on her crown.



Constantly keeping our young minds in a flux of curiosity and creativity, this young engineer, anthropologist and educator offers the best of both worlds. A transformational orator spearheading the necessary changes in the education sector, she has been the keynote speaker at various thought-leaders’ forum, namely, The World Education Summit, Mumbai, Global Entrepreneur Summit (GES), Hyderabad, Global Entrepreneur Conference (GEC), Istanbul-Turkey, Global Education & Skills Forum (GESF), Dubai, bringing the best practices of learning from all over the world to the threshold of our children. A fierce advocate of Happy Learning, she is on a mission to make learning inclusive by creating future-ready children anchored to past values with ability to collaborate with the present.

Dr. KavyaKannamma(Managing Trustee)

An Oncologist who incubates the dream of making healthcare accessible for all and pursuit of medicine a reality for deserving individuals, she is a North Carolina Twister with a strong foothold in Oration and Youth Leadership

Mr. Deepak Kumar (Committee Member)

An erudite mentor on Robotics, this Nano-Electronics Engineer is armed with a mission to make Education 3.0 a reality. An ardent consociate for our Community Outreach Programs, he is positivity personified with a vision to make Nano-electronics an exhilarating stream to explore for school children.

Mr. TrikanthChalasani (Committee Member)

An entrepreneur with resourceful connections at the industry and power corridors, he is the driving force in bringing authentic Educational and Co-curricular Diaspora to our institution. He is the COO of Vardhaman Corporation, an Engineering firm, and holds various business interests across South India.

The Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is the guiding node giving us the best information, research and advice on achieving the aims of our educational policies. With their strong foothold and connections, they ensure smooth transition of policies and decisions from the power corridors of the Central and State bureaucracy. They also offer their expert knowledge to our student community periodically.

Shri. K.Prabhakar Reddy – IAS (Retd.)

A distinguished IAS officer, Sri. K. Prabhakar Reddy has held various prestigious posts during his tenure with the Andhra Pradesh Government. An intellect who emerged from IIT-Hyderabad and BITS, Pilani, he holds a rightexperience from holding eminent positions as Joint Collector, District Collector and Special Secretary to AP Chief Minister. He grew from strength to strength along his career, serving the nation with his futuristic vision.

Shri. RavikumarIyer

An eminent spiritualist, he is renowned for his contribution to Vedic Math and Yoga. A joint coordinator of Hindu SwayamsevakSangh, he has conducted more than 200 yogacamps and youth motivational camps in 40 countries and 5000+ workshops on Vedic Mathematics at prestigious universities in more than 20 countries. His books, “Yoga:Bharat’s invaluable gift to the world” and “Indian Heroism in Israel”, are globally acclaimed.

Shri. L. Premchandra Reddy, IAS (Retd.)

Shri. L. Premachandra Reddy is a retired IAS officer. He currently works for the Government of Andhra Pradesh as Principal Secretary for State Reorganization in general Administration Department. He is a multi-faceted personality with a distinctive service record.

Shri. D Suresh (aka) Solar Suresh

This 73-year young environmental crusader from Chennai is fondly called ‘Solar’ Suresh. He leads a completely eco-friendly, self-sufficient and self-sustaining life bybuilding a mind-boggling house that satisfies all his needs, from air and water to foodand gas. His residence is now a popular destination for study tours to observe the solarpanel, bio gas plant, rain water harvesting system, organic garden, etc. installations. Hebelieves that change can start from within us and is all out to take this message to thenext generation through education.

Core Team

Mr.Venkatachalapathy, SVM Principal

A true educationist mastering a wide spectrum of subjects, he is a Man of Vision in the field of education for a monumental period of 35 years. A phenomenal rise from teacher to the cadre of Principal, he is the recipient of various accolades like Subject Achievers Certificate in Math at Nagaland, ‘Meritorious Service’ Award by Chennai Traffic Police towards RSP, ‘Teaching Excellence Award’ by Rotary Club of Madras, Mylapore, to name a few.

Mrs. Anbu Rani Srinivasan, SVV Principal

A trust-worthy teacher with an intrinsically motivated work ethics, she has climbed through the ladder of teaching industry gatheringexpertise from few of the top ranking schools in Chennai. Bestowed with APJ Abdul Kalam “Best Administrator Award” & “Best Teacher Award” by Lions Club, her conviction and passion are to promote the academic, emotional and social well-being of students under her care.

Mrs. S. Kalpana, SVNP Head Mistress

An inclusive visionary who consistently approaches work with a positive attitude, her primary focus is on empowering the ignited minds. The Best paper presenter at Malaysia University is also the recipient of “Best Principal Award” by GRT group & “Best Teacher Award” by Lions Club. With an imposing experience of 19 years in the field of education, she leads a team of young, trained & dedicated faculty at SVNP.

Mrs.Renuga, SVPS Head Mistress

 Rendering great empowerment to students in scholastic & co-scholastic areas, her journey from a Primary teacher to the Headmistress of SVPS, Puzhal is inspiring & assertive. Having served as the Asst.Professor in B.Ed college for 7 years, her sincerity, academic excellence & punctuality are the traits that garner her goal to help kids excel & evolve to meet global challenges.

Mr.R.Venkatesan, Finance Manager

Theenterprising Finance Department head of SVGS is a man with a clear sight & methodized work ethics, Heading Sri Venkateswara Printers, he is the trend-setter in type-setting & pecuniary matters.

Mr. T.SekarThiruvengadam, Transport Manager

The transport Manager for SVGS ensures that a safe & effective transport system is in place for the group. With a royal fleet of 10 buses & an untiring workforce under his command, he is adept at handling situations zealously, organizing schedules & routes ensuring that vehicles meet legal requirements periodically.

Mrs. T.SumathiYuvarajalu, SVGS Admin Manager

The resourceful Admin Manager of SVGS is boundless bundle of energy planning & coordinating administrative procedures & systems & devising ways to streamline processes. She is a whiz at allocating responsibilities ensuring extract of maximum efficiency from her team.