Our philosophy

Driven by the Learn with Life, Learn for Life movement that relies on learning with the Head, working with the Hands, acting with the Heart and thriving on Hopes, we strive to redefine the educational structure through disruptive thinking anchored to deep-rooted values.

We are an year old at Puzhal but Sri Venkateswara Group of Schools is well-established in the education field for 25+ prolific years providing quality education to grassroot communities. We have realigned the thought process of our children for universal thinking with native spirits.


We operate in the CBSE stream providing a global exposure to our students through our curiosity curriculum that stems right from Kindergarten.

We emphasize organic knowledge, through experiential and exploratory ways of learning, that lets children apply their learning beyond classrooms. Cooperative schooling is the avenue we stride letting the young learners gain a practical know-how of their theories and concepts.

Our global classrooms are thinking rooms that focus on right brain activities starting from early childhood learning offering a multi-pronged thought process for the child. Our activities are child-centric and more tech-savvy for the futuristic NexGen.

We foster rational thinking and responsible actions that nurture student autonomy and awakens the human potential in every child. Our educational framework adopts theory of multiple intelligences, constructivism and metacognitive strategies to make children think about their ‘thinking’. Every compartment in our school encourages free expressions in children refining the art of questioning.  


Our in-house activities support our educational outline in making learning a everyday happy experience for the child. A plethora of opportunities awaits our children in every nook, every turn and every step of the campus.

  • S.T.E.A.M. embedded curriculum
  • Digital library with specially curated books
  • Auditorium of international standards
  • Multi-purpose, multi-functional indoor stadium
  • Clubs and Committees for student leadership
  • Activities as skill-tapping avenues  
  • Zero hours for value education and moral insight
  • Community outreach programs 
  • Uniformed services for developing self-esteem
  • Cubs & Bulbuls, Scouts & Guides & RSP