SVGS Ideology

We are an innovation hub cultivating a unique tribe of independent thinkers who have the space to experiment their learning. They can critically examine, socially analyze and culturally adapt.

Well-established with more than 25 years of glorious service in the field of education, we are driven with a passion to equip our children vie for their rightful place on a global platform concurrently challenging themselves to attain perfection. We yearn for success stories, scripted by our children, thinking with their mind through their heart, nurturing and facilitating hopes of a flourishing future for mankind.


Our green cover campuses of all 4 schools support a colossal strength of 5000+ strong student base supported by 300+ teaching fraternity. With world-class infrastructure in every school, we create free-thinking spaces for our children to engage and educate themselves. The amenities are common across our schools ensuring signature facilities to their learners.


Sri Venkateswara Play School

SV Play School’s focal point is on the key development areas of children, namely, literacy, numbers, phonic awareness, environment and communication. We offer the youngest learners a unique Early Childhood Program designed to prepare students cognitively, socially and physically for an effortless transition to kindergarten and beyond.



When we take a step forward, our children move two steps further. Our extra stride beyond academics, generates positive outcomes in children including improved academic performances, classroom behavior and health. X-tra Miles, our after-school program, mentors artistic intellect, sports and an ardent academic support to our children, concurrently building their social skills. 

Venkat Natyalaya

Sri Venkat Kalalaya

Sri Venkateswara Sports Academy

Uniformed Services