Curiosity curriculum structured on Maria Montessori methods is our pedagogical approach for the young learning minds of SVNP. Our confidence-building strategies boosts the self-confidence in children on their emerging abilities tapping gross motor coordination, fine motor skills and language skills. 

An exclusive Montessori Lab in the campus imparts the benefits of sensorial, practical life and natural way of learning. 

The Pre-primary and Primary levels cater to the potential of each and every Venkateswaran. Our instructional strategies engage, motivate and reach the students in appropriate learning environments that allow them to approach their course content through varied child-centric activities stimulating critical thinking and a greater awareness of other perspectives.


Our level-wise core ideologies focus on Self-Awareness in KG, Identification in Pre-primary and Fundamentals in Primary.

Our Kindergarten syllabus optimizes learning and development in the tiny tots. Exclusive circle time in the KG compartment promotes social and emotional skills in children. We have the best story-tellers in the city, our spirited teachers, who create free-thinking spaces that impart a natural way of learning for a practical life. 

The age-appropriate Sensorial Lab in the campus caters to the developmental needs of Pre-KG, Junior and Senior Montessorians. 

At the Pre-primary compartment, we superimpose an organized instruction to introduce school environment. Young learners experience peer socialization and explore their Self in the school environment. Activity hours, design thinking facilities, tactile learning, child-centric activities, experiential learning, are all our added features.

At the Primary compartment, we strive to strengthen fundamentals in each child facilitation their smooth transition into middle school. Various activity-based methods are adopted by our erudite facilitators, a well-qualified team of educators. 


At SVNP, we strongly believe in taking education beyond the classroom walls. Our interactive activities range from daily assemblies, dispersal presentations to events, festivities, rallies, campus celebrations, awareness campaigns, etc. ensuring that their challenges turn into opportunities.

Sing Along, Me & Mine, Letter construction are few of the activities that are based in Pre-KG. Junior Montessorians develop literacy and numeracy skills through hands-on activity at the Montessori Lab. Few activities done by Juniors are Clay Modelling, Foot balancing for focused body equilibrium, Field Trips, etc. 

Senior Montessorians nurture their collaborative intellectual exploration through clear communication in natural sequences. Activities such as Puzzle Boards, Sensory walk, Block Busters are examples of the Montessori way of learning.

Our focus on STEM embedded teaching strategies, prepares children with an inquisitiveness necessary to explore their learning equipping them with cross-disciplinary skills that will help them thrive in life situations.

We not only let children explore and experience their learnings, but also encourage them to creatively express their perspectives through various avenues.


  • A pure practice of Montessorian ways with a comprehensive Montessorian Lab equipped with sensorial apparatus.
  • Design Thinking for early learners
  • A complete relook at classwork writing
  • Continuous and Comprehensive evaluation with periodical remedial interventions
  • Composition Commandments that provoke creative expression in kids
  • ‘Unique Me’ Club Activities that unlatch the skillsets in each child
  • State Olympiad champs in Math & Science
  • Theme-based expos for knowledge and skill acquirement
  • Parent pep-talk leading to a positive parenting movement
  • Hindi Prachar Sabha classes for various levels in the language
  • Fine Arts classes in Karate, Abacus, Band, Music, Classical dance,  Western Dance, Yoga, Tinkering, Calligraphy, Handwriting, Life-skill training, Public Speaking, etc. 
  • Uniform Services – RSP, Bunnies, Cubs & Bulbuls, Green Corps
  • SV Sports Academy for sporting talents
  • Venkat Natyalaya to promote classical dance
  • SV Playschool in campus - best childhood care for pre-school kids