Our philosophy

A wholesome education package that incorporates Design Thinking in all grades at all levels preparing young learners to face real-life challenges with assurance and accountability.

We facilitate children to constantly upskill and reskill themselves throughout their learning process. We converge skills and competencies that give children the unlearning space to explore their learning and experience the transformation


We have successfully imparted learning in the CBSE curriculum for the past 9 years. Our enterprising level-wise ideologies that impart level-specific developmental domains nurture student autonomy, rational thinking and responsible actions.

Our dynamic paradigm of pedagogy ensures happy learning everyday that gives our children the space to explore, experience and experiment their learning. The freedom for cross-curricular probe widens their learning horizon.

Awarded for Excellent Teaching Journey by Varkey Foundation, London and by Trigger International at the National Level Teachers Contest, our team of teaching strategists strengthen our children through innovative teaching methodologies. 

Our Core Ideologies

The approach towards young learners is through a well-designed self-structured KG curriculum with a powerful storytelling strategy for the little ones.

The Pre-primary ideology of Identification delivers organized instructions to introducing and exploring self in the school environment.

Primary thought process is to strengthen the fundamentals in children, preparing for that inquisitive exploration of their subjects and beyond in High school. Real-life related activities, research, observation and interpretation and expressive outputs are fuelled in the Primary compartment.

Middle & High School focuses on an intrusive mind-set for our children enabling them to document their knowledge and thinking processes through makerspace provisions that promote hands-on work experiences.

Our best practices in Senior Secondary are shared by educational dialogues, conferences, professional development courses and stream selection that serve as progressive domains with stronger industry connects.

Venkatite Edge

  • Curiosity Curriculum that redefines Classrooms as Thinkrooms
  • Friday flavour for Montessorian activity – ‘Vellivizha’ @ KG
  • 14 Fine Arts, 20 Clubs and Committees for Student Leadership
  • Amalgamation of skills and competencies with knowledge
  • Innovative assessment tools across subjects
  • Oriented towards Pearson’s assessment module
  • National winner in Book Authoring (creative writing) 
  • Value Based Learning across subjects
  • S.T.E.A.M. embedded learning for future-fit minds
  • State’s best Tinkering minds at District, State and National levels
  • SV Sports Academy to promote sporting talents
  • District U-14 Boys Cricket team player
  • National gold and silver medallists in Karate
  • Artistic intellect promoted through in-house art academy
  • Makerspace provisions for learning investigations

My Camu

A school-home collaboration portal bridging the school and the parent community with real-time information on

  • Attendance 
  • Examination Schedule
  • Timetable
  • Examination Results
  • Report cards
  • Holidays and events

My Camu involves and improves parental participation in their ward’s education. It serves as a complete student information featuring school activities, performance progress and sustained monitoring. 

This pandemic, starting March 2020, gave us an opportunity to evolve education into the threshold of technological boom.

Our integrated Learning Management Software (LMS) My CAMU connected the students to the teachers with the parents having a track of what is happening in their child’s academics. Assignment submissions, learning resources, activity resources, etc. are found in My CAMU cloud storage and so, is a boon for many students. 

Online classes via Zoom began in June 2020 post careful scrutiny of various factors concerning our learners and their parents. Physiological, psychological, social, economical and emotional factors were accounted for and taking into consideration the screen-time of students, slots were prepared for online classes. Parents welcomed the move taken by the institution to continue learning, no matter what. 

Online classes were kept minimal with additional resources of learning offered to the students, offline too. Videos that reinforced concepts with the technological support of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, etc. posted in My CAMU portal and interactive, live worksheets that helped children assess themselves of their knowledge and understanding of concepts, were all supportive learning materials for our young learners. 

Never to miss out on the celebrations of an academic year, our assessments, we took up challenging evaluations of learning outcomes during the pandemic. Assessments were conducted via the My CAMU portal in various formats like objective, MCQ, subjective, etc. Periodic Assessments and Terminal Exams were also conducted and performance of learners tracked. 

Virtual PTC meets were conducted for all our learners inorder to keep the parents informed about the performance graph of their wards. Where reinforcements were needed, parents were intimated and solutions were offered to such students who had either learning difficulties or challenges. 

Revisiting concepts for achievers was done through scheduled remedial classes that were held online. Tireless and unrelenting support was offered to students, with parental support, on these curative and corrective measures.

Our Senior Secondary compartment was in full-swing to help Board exam goers this academic year. Periodic evaluations and assessments were held for Board students, Grade X & XII, and constant updates given to parents and students for keeping their graph move in the upward trend. Doubt clearing sessions with teachers on one-on-one basis, revisits on chats, were all taken up for the seniors that ensured that they were not anxious about their upcoming Board exams.

A well-planned calendar combined with a team of erudite educators led by diligent Heads to implement it made up the success story of e-learning.