Higher Secondary Compartment

An excited initiator, curious student, creative teacher, caring counsel, orchestrating supervisor geared up for emerging challenges waiting with a smile to etch success stories with her team. She is a divergent leader who is endemic to the needs of her team as well as her students.

Vice Principal

Mrs. Sreedevi

Armed with perseverance and patience, she fosters holistic development in learners with the relentless inputs of her team scaling the summit of success together. She exports her expertise to import talents, entirely a non-commercial dealing.

ACO – Hr Sec (Arts)

Mrs. Regina Arputha Mary

An engineering graduate with keen interest and passion to teach and transfer subject to techie minds with lots of practical oriented learning.. Her commitment and determine to motivate students is remarkable.

PGT – Computer Science

Mrs. Lokeswari

An interactive facilitator who appraoch the 21st century learner’s with 4Cs with her passion to teach chemistry and going to meet the problems of students with all interests to curtail. She strongly believe in “Gain knowledge by giving it to others

PGT – Chemistry

Mrs. Merlin

She has a yielding investment in her students and reaps the net profits with every batch of learners by a balanced demand-supply chain of academics and values. She capitalises on her character strength and trust she places in the Supreme beyond.

PGT – Economics

Mrs. Latha

A diligent and witty optimist, he is a strong motivation to his team mates. He loves to learn, unlearn and relearn the language nuances constantly upgrading himself.

PGT – English

Mr. John Bosco Jude

She incessantly strives to impart life through her teachings with her strongest ties with innovative ideas in every aspect of exploring the language. She can unconsciously take you on a ride across curricular fragments in the English Channel.

HOD – English

Mrs. Manju Sridevi

He is a willing explorer in the literary essence of the language and makes children enjoy the splendour of the lingua. His ‘never give up’ attitude is infectious in his learners who are constantly enhanced in their performance through skill tapping activities.

PGT – Tamil

Mr. Elumalai

She is always on the lookout for developmental attributes that aid her in thriving on challenges. She desires to achieve greatness not only for self but for her learners too.

PGT – Business Maths

Mrs. Dhanalakshmi

He gives a solution for anything under the sky and that is the strongest chemistry between him and his students. He updates himself constantly and functions as a catalyst in giving that extra thrust to his learners to attain their goals.

PGT – Chemistry

Mr. Lokesh

She is a passionate worker who is result-oriented. Her strong point is her learning ability that helps her multiply her skills and divide her knowledge to her learners. The probability of success rate in her students is more than square root of infinity.

PGT – Maths

Mrs. Elayarani

She trades her knowledge derived from reading with students. She is an enterprising marketer of concepts with an incessant merchandise of care and compassion on her learners as her capital.

PGT – Commerce

Mrs. Angayarkanni

A perfectionist to the core, she takes her work seriously and is always on the lookout for bartering her skills for more skills.

PGT – Commerce

Mrs. Ramya

A good sense of time-management and a highly-organised work style defines this persona. Her creative approach to problem solving programs her learners to be online all the time.

PGT – Computer Science

Mrs. Revathi

A good team player who executes her tasks with an unmatched dedication. A great story-teller in the language who can impart literature and grammar too in story form.

PGT – Tamil

Mrs. Rajeswari

A simpleton with great honesty and sincerity, he always intends to give the best to his students. He is a strong believer in human values and enjoys sharing knowledge with his children.

PPGT – English

Mr. Arul

An eager & quicklearner adaptive to new environmentand thinking. keeping Motto to produce quality students in medical field. Laying a good Foundation for younger generation.

PGT – Biology

Mrs. Sweatha

This is Mrs. S.Sakthi Priya,M.Sc., M.Phil., have more inclination and passion towards Physics. To impart not only the concepts but aim to create the subject as a part of everyone’s existence.

PGT – Physics

Mrs. S. Sakthi Priya

Ambitious-driven and energetic, she is programmed to be passionate about her work. Eagerness to learn new skills is her domain.

PGT – Computer Science

Mrs. Kalpana

A Motivated Physics Teacher with a strong background in developing and implementing Physics coursework that students find interesting. He is enthusiastic to keep students discover the science behind motion, energy and force and engages the students while introducing principles and formulae by explaining how Physics applies to real life situations.

PGT – Physics

Mr. S. Manikandan

The planter of knowledge in each and every mind, she also instils a feeling of green environment in them. Her vivid explanations bring the green world alive for her students.

PGT – Botany

Mrs. Arunmozhi

Enthusiastic educator providing creative lessons and engaging classroom instruction to promote the goals of literacy, critical-thinking, problem solving, collaboration skills and applications to everyday life for all students.

PGT – Economics

Mrs. Monica Raja

The best educationis not the one who knows most but the one who is most capable of reducing knowledge to that simple compound of the obvious and wonderful.
He makes all the sums compound to simple.

PGT – Maths

Mr. R. Rajaraman

The Indian International Hockey player has produced several State and National Hockey players from our institution. Her sincere dedication to her profession and game has made her indispensable in the sports scenario of SVM.

Physical Education Trainer [PET]

Mrs. M. Menaka

Good athletic ability and knowledge of the human body.
Strong ability to motivate and
good initiative skills. Ability to remain calm and show empathy.
Ability to think on your feet and adapt to changing situations. Hand ball & Athletics’ coaching

Physical Education Trainer [PET]

Mr. A. Raja veerapandian


Her work ethics are transparent and she is ardently accountable for all her responsibilities. She never backs from anything new and works in perfect harmony with her peers and team. Her positive workplace attitude improves and extracts innovation and effectiveness among the teaching fraternity.

ACO – High School

Mrs. R. Belina Jayaselvi

A vicenarian at heart and soul, she has more than 6000 student pass-outs to her credit. She is a task master who encourages her children to creatively express themselves.

PGT – Science

Ms. T. Ramya

The probability of her being imperfect is nil. A faithful believer, she is always on time, every time and a model to her students in logical reasoning with dynamic combinations though she has diverse learners with differential perspectives.

PGT – Math

Mrs. R. Prema Sasikumar

Preparing the future citizens for a better world, she has a strong bridge in the present connecting the past to the future. She has built a web of individuals and societies with her learners making them conscious of the real world out there.

PGT – Social Science

Mrs. S. Sarojini Jayakumar

This Mathematician excels in the subject with cherishing enthusiasm that is infectious in her learners too. She sees maths as the most powerful creation of human spirit and the most beautiful.

TGT – Maths

Mrs. S. Bharathi

She firmly believes that math is the universally spoken language. An instant calculator of her learners’ curiosity, she derives at various action plans to placate the same and achieve learning excellence in the young minds.

PGT – Math

Mrs. T. Akila

Always energetic and eager to learn new skills, she explores positivity in all things. A strong believer of intuition, her acts of professional discipline is a favourable trait in her.

PGT – Science

Mrs. K. Sangeetha

A passionate teacher whose every atom strives for excellence in her learners. The minimum activation energy in her class is infinite with the students as the nucleus, realising their potential energy.

PGT – Chemistry

Mrs. A. Ponnalaki

A diligent language teacher and a versatile personality, he plays his rhythm in tandem with the learners’ pace. He is a passionate sculptor of young minds, and an effective team-player too.

PGT – English

Mr. M.A.Aroan

His polite approach towards his learners combined with student-centric methods of teaching make him an inevitable trainer and mentor for them.

PGT – Tamil

Mr. J. Manikandan

She is proud that tamil is the mother of all languages. Reviving the spoken form of this language among her learners, with all its glory and splendour retained, is her mission.

TGT – Tamil

Mrs. P. Sapitha

Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Athlete coach. I am self motivated, energetic, creative, active, pleasant, calm and most importantly patient to work with this age group. I poses problem solving skills. Ability to remain calm and show empathy. Ability to adapt to changing situations.

Physical Education Trainer (PET)

Mr. Manikandan M.S.


A mathemagician with a wand in her hand to create miracles in her learners, she is an innovative teacher who is honest and genuine in her profession.

ACO – Middle School

Mrs. Leema Jasmine

She believes that every problem has a solution. She loves to inspire her students to unlock the physical universe with the abstract key called ‘Social’.

TGT – Social

Mrs. B Girija

She loves maths for its power of reasoning, power to induce creativity, critical thinking and problem solving ability in her learners. She has the ability to express her thoughts and ideas with clarity, coherence and precision.

TGT – Maths

Mrs. V.M. Divya

Armed with discipline, preparedness, friendliness and technology, he believes that to be updated is a factor that gives a teacher the power to enter a classroom with great confidence. He is a strong motivator and a good environment creator.

TGT – Social Science

Mr. A.Daniel

Her energy and experience have paved her the way for a creative approach in solving mathematical challenges. She is a flexible and hardworking team player.

TGT – Maths

Mrs. V Nancy

She enjoys programming her learners to the upcoming digital boom. Her staunch belief is that digital literacy shall provide them greater opportunities to create and innovate.

TGT – Computer Science

Mrs. Sangeetha P

Her lens-eye view of the English language shows her a refraction of any other subject, hence her love for the language is powerful. She believes that with the language, she can influence learners and instigate change.

TGT – English

Mrs. S. Radhai

She is thankful that she was entrusted with the science lab key by her science teacher as that ignited her curiosity in science. She enjoys entrusting her learners with the mystic key to unlock the wonder maze called science.

TGT – Science

Mrs. G. Athilakshmi

She is an open-minded person, ready for new challenges, especially when it comes to subject or technology..

TGT – Maths

Mrs. R.Gayathri

As a social science teacher, she helps her students know about their surroundings, their civilization and culture. she opines that social science provides an evidence-based foundation on which governments and democracies can be built.

TGT – Social Science

Mrs. T. Dhanalakshmi

She is dedicated to teaching science and its value for the progress of humanity. For her, science is method of organized curiosity and life is also science.

TGT – Science

Mrs. C Gayathri

This is my choicest profession as I believes that I can sculpt selfless, confident students who can nurture their native language, tamil .

TGT – Tamil

Mrs. Menaga Durga K.

She is honoured and delighted to have an hand in the development of the native language, tamil. She also has a cultural facet that helps her creatively express her feelings and thoughts.

TGT – Tamil

Mrs. T. Arul Mary Berna

Her sincere dedication to her profession and game has made her indispensable in the sports scenario of SVM.

Physical Education Trainer (PET)

Mrs. Shobana

Administration Staff

She owns the bubbly smile that illuminates the front office and radiates a warmth to the visitor offering an instant affinity to the institution.


Mrs. Mamtha

The Lab assistant has sound knowledge in all Lab related activities. She guides and relaxes Board students during practical assessments. She also has a strong hold of administrative matters at times of need.

Lab Assistant

Mrs. Glory

A strong back-end support for office work, her undeniable strength is her mastery of procedures that help her in steadfast decision making and implementation of procedural tasks.

Office Admin.

Mrs. Hemamalini

she is always calm and composed and gives her best in whatever she does. She fits like a glove in various administrative works and is an able-hand at all times.


Mrs. Suganthi

The magic hand that maintains and supervises the electrical appliances in all the four campuses, is on call every time, and attends to his work promptly.


Mr. Kavidoss

Housekeeping Department

She has been with us for over 20 years and is a Swacch agent of SVM. She has the capability of organising teamwork and executing work in finesse where needed.

Smt. Vijaya

A busy bee, she has been with us for 10 years now. She is obedient and is always on her toes to serve.

Smt. Selvi

She exudes a responsibility in all that she does. She cares for her fellow mates and always radiates a friendliness in her team.

Smt. Banumathi

An able hand at work, she is patient and often confines herself to her work. Adedicated worker, she is aware that every minute counts.

Smt. Renuka

With us for the past 10 years, she is pure at heart and very outspoken. She is a gifted worker who excels in her work.

Smt. Thangamani


He is the strongman of SVGS and fits in various roles and responsibilities. He has a penchant for procedural requirements from the Government agencies and is handy on executing them without flaws or favours.

Mr. Raja

He leads the drivers and the conductors to efficiently discharge their duties and ensures the safe transport of our children. He takes more care and exercises caution especially while taking children outside the campus for events.

Mr. Manjunathan

A spirited and energetic persona, he is a fast paced learner and instantly attaches himself to the students. Witty and wise, he is always around when needed.

Mr. Selva Kumar

He mostly keeps to himself but is a trusted hand when it comes to safe commuting. Mostly transporting our Heads to and from the campus, he holds the wheel in earnest responsibility.

Mr. Selvaraj