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Slide ABOUT SVM NOVELTY Sri Venkateswara Matriculation Hr Sec School was established in 1996 by our visionary Founders, Correspondent Shri. Alagarsamy Kannan and Founder Principal Dr. Smt. Umakannan, both determined to provide quality and holistic education to grassroot communities. The Management is replete with the Creative Director, the young CEO Mrs. Dhanya Bharathi, a passionate educator by choice and a learner by profession. The magnanimous Board offers the best of both worlds, bringing in some of the best practices of learning to ensure that our young minds are constantly kept in a flux of curiosity and creativity. We are firmly rooted in the education field for 24+ prolific years growing by leaps and bounds, gaining the trust and unflinching support of more than 10 lac families over these years.
The mission is to make every outgoing student of SVM, confident in meeting the real-life world with a realization of self and social responsibilities. We are aware that we are the prime-movers of positive change and innovation among students.
VISION The School was founded to enrich our nation, particularly Tamilnadu with efficient, patriotic, pragmatic and curious students from the working sector where most of the parents are not highly educated. We hope to widen our horizon over varied spheres where a child gets to experience intellectual and emotional growth through an avalanche of developmental exercises. Our intended research centre will bear this at its end to meet. MISSION True education is training both the head and heart. Learn to learn and then unlearn. One could have good grades and degree and not know much. It’s imperative to combine disparate disciplines and get creative. This exploration hand in hand with ethics gives way to holistic development and an individual ready to get on with the world full of challenges and opportunities. Our Mission is to create such a world where the child is made aware of his/her own passion for life.

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Slide ATL Our Flagship Program Nurturing the scientific temperament in our young and curious minds, we boast of a work space to give shape to their ideas at Atal Tinkering Labs, established by Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), NITI Aayog, to foster curiosity, creativity, design mindset, computational thinking, adaptive learning, physical computing, etc. They experiment with the concepts of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math integrated with Arts) with tools and equipments on science, electronics, robotics, open source microcontroller boards, sensors and 3D printers and through hands-on DIY mode Join Our Tinkering Journey Academic Calendar

Slide Our Prime Movers Core Team Venkateswaran Edge Realising Education 4.0 Independent thinking and self-management are the core values that are built in a Venkateswaran. We firmly believe that makerspace education (S.T.E.A.M.) is the best way to develop 21st Century skills, the 4Cs, in our children
Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking and Creative Solutions
Global Aspirations with Native Inspirations
KG – Self-Awareness The first transition from home to group experience outside of a family is vital for a child. Early Childhood years are distinctive with respect to the rapid rate of development of physical, social emotional, intellectual and aesthetic domains. Although the development moves in a predictable direction, we ensure that it stays unique for each and every child. We define their experiences on secure, trusting relationships defined by social and cultural contexts, the family and the home, the school environment and the surrounding community. Activities that involve the parents, family relations, grandparents, etc. are focused on. Sensorial activities like gallery walk familiarize word groups for our young learners. Circle times with their educators, the best storytellers, bring out the peer socialization values in our kids. Our spirited and explorative teachers engage them in child-centric activities for the young Montessorians.
The integrated framework focuses on nurturing the cognitive, emotional, metacognitive aspects of thinking during the formative years of a child. This framework is integrated into core academic subjects. The reason why we have a Curiosity Curriculum in place that kindles organic learning embedded with Design Thinking. It is not schooling or education, we turn it into a cherished experience
Middle School – Exploration The harbinger of greater learnings, an embarking into an unparalleled development of knowledge and skills in core subject areas of Numeracy, Science and English. The beginning of a cognitive journey from Known to Unknown, learning to Unlearn and Relearn while at the same time upskilling and reskilling.
These formative years let our children become independent learners.
A great deal of attention is invested on preparing our children for higher classes and for their future. Critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, reading skills, Design Thinking, computational skills and creative solutions are cultivated in our young learners that would prepare them for the real-life situations. These skills hold a strong forte as they engage themselves in the community armed with their social and emotional stronghold. STEAM embedded strategies, nourishing multi-functional rational thinking and reassuring them of curious explorations, classroom teaching takes a reformation here.
Constant tracking of conceptual understanding, collaborative learning, hands-on projects and theme-based activities imparted with creative teaching techniques enhance student confidence nurturing their attitude and personality. Educators keep track of students’ progress individually in order to provide instant remedial and revisiting approaches.
A differential instruction is planned for each and every student to suit their learning needs. Counselling and Reinforcement strategies are provided then and there that enable children to self-evaluate and upgrade.
Pre Primary - Identification The engagement of the child with the world in a direct and interactive manner emerges here. In this phase of self-exploration to identify the placement of individual in environment and community, children construct meaning from experience about social and physical world that surrounds them.
We propose organized instruction to explore self in school environment. An active learning approach supports a framework that allows concept development applied across subject-specific domains with Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS).
Activity based learning in every aspect of school life is unconsciously experienced by children. From our theme-based and innovative morning assemblies to our resourceful dispersal activities at the end of school, our children find themselves engaged in learning demonstrations. These young learners have been warriors of change in eco developments, social responsibilities and several other community outreach programs. Plastic awareness program, rally on source segregation of waste, e-waste disposal awareness are the changes that our young learners have spearheaded.
High School – Inquisitive Learning Curiosity is the essence of learning. At High School, children are in a more remarkable phase of connecting to the world through their dreams and desires. The threshold of career building excites the learner.
Our strong yet flexible, challenging and inspiring strategies constantly weighs a child’s progress. Preparing children for the state assessments are meticulously planned and implemented to prove less-burdensome on children.
Explicit critical thinking with an innate desire to explore possibilities, make informed decisions & provide creating solutions strengthen the individualities.
The feedback and action plans are periodically reviewed and communicated to both students and parents. Internal projects and activities boost self-reliance in students and enhance their academic performances. External evaluation resources along with cross-valuation appraisals uplift the crucial performance factor in Board exams.
Instantaneous remedial measures are taken for effective reinforcements. Board policies, approaches and tactics are frequently revisited to enable children to perform competitively.
Primary – Fundamentals The prime phase of academic development along with social, emotional and cultural exploration. The chapter in a child’s life which provides the freedom to experience their learnings. We add the curiosity quotient, an inquiry-based approach that enables children to experiment their learning.
A model for learning concurrency with innovative learning styles, pioneering teaching methodologies and assessment strategies that are spacious to accommodate a child’s explorative and experiential learning outcomes.
Each activity in the school campus proves to be a learning experience for our children. Themes are chosen so as to strengthen their connectivity to academics and to the real-life world. Right from student council elections to cracking national science and math Olympiads, our students are exposed to varied platforms of skill-imbibed learning, which facilitate their smooth transition to middle school with a strong fundamental knowledge in curricular and an undeniable self-assurance in co-curricular competencies
Higher Secondary – Career Specific Awareness Our Super Seniors gear up to take on life with a strong indulgence in their skills and a realisation of their potential. A strong industry connect with a network of interdisciplinary courses, replete with a perfect score alignment is on the offering for our students.
Board exam approaches and strategies, revisits with conceptual reinforcements, regular assessments of understansding and application of concepts, remedial measures, communication of performance chart upgrade to students and parents are all effectively undertaken at this level by our educators.
Career Guidance sessions by resourceful, industry-leading personalities, motivational and impactful series by pioneers and physical and emotional mind-bending sessions for both students and parents, fill the platter of our seniors.
Formatting action plans, effective implementation, analysis of performance and progression, revising strategies, revisits and reinforcements where required are the engaging components at the HS level that ultimately lead to insightful learning and success.