Our green cover campuses of all 4 schools support a colossal strength of 5000+ strong student base supported by 300+ teaching fraternity. With world-class infrastructure in every school, we create free-thinking spaces for our children to engage and educate themselves. The amenities are common across our schools ensuring signature facilities to their learners. 

Amenities @ SVGS

  • Excellent infrastructure for healthy, happy learning environment in sprawling eco-friendly green campuses
  • Vast expanse of 6+ acres for 4 schools
  • Aesthetically modelled school buildings with green cover lung spaces
  • Well-ventilated, spacious, activity-inclusive classrooms
  • Classrooms with Smart Boards for digital learning
  • Exclusive 3-D room for dynamic learning
  • Digital library with 10,000+ curated books
  • Well-equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs
  • Atal Tinkering Laboratory as makerspace
  • Exclusive Math Lab with support apparatus
  • Language lab with fun activities for enhancing LSRW skills
  • World-class indoor auditorium with acoustics
  • Multi-functional indoor stadium
  • Maria Montessori Lab with Montessorian apparatus setup
  • An Art Nook to exhibit the creative flair in students
  •  Activity Room for young learners for Activity Hour
  • Sprawling grounds to support Sports Academy activities with exclusive cricket nets


3D interactive learning provides an immersive experience to our young minds. With stirring visuals and a powerful comprehension of content, it provides for a thrilling ride into the concepts and aids learning in a multi-dimensional perspective.


A maker space lab established by AIM & NITI Aayog of Central Government of India, the lab is the hub of innovation and creativity for socially viable solutions that our young tinkerers come up with.


A world-class air conditioned structure that houses the best aesthetic ambiance clubbed with the required acoustics, the arena provides a global dais for our inspiring performers.

Biology Lab

Our research infrastructure for students with emerging scientific temperament is well-equipped and well-stocked abundantly supported by digital learning aids for first-hand knowledge in various biological concepts

Chemistry Lab

Our Chemistry lab excites children and inspires them to become social-conscious scientists. With great enthusiasm, they handle chemicals and do hands-on experiments in an utmost safe environment


Brightly and naturally illuminated and well-ventilated, our classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards and have ample space to accommodate activities within them. Sufficient spaces for movement ensure constant teacher monitoring and contact

Computer Lab

Facilitating technological integration into the curriculum, our modern computer lab enables 50 students to work at a time on the systems. With high-end interfaces, students are exposed to a global techno milieu that keeps them networking

Cricket Nets

With the motto ‘Catch them Young’, the SV Sports Academy offers coaching in Cricket par international standards. Trainers of county and international cricketing fame, coach our budding cricketers. One of our enterprising talents has made it to the U-14 District Boys Cricket team.

Art Room

Boasting an exclusive Art Nook for the creative intellect in our students, we offer every corner of the school to our children to express their creative cravings. Professional training in modern art, sketches, portraits and folk art are given to students as a part of the curriculum opening up multifarious avenues to explore the skill.

Kids Parque

Apart from fun, our exclusive play area for little feet, Kids Parque, tunes their motor skills, gaining physical strength and improving balance and coordination.Peer socialization and teamwork are induced in the park which houses child-friendly and safe play equipment.


Books are the best friends that we can give to our children. With an amazing archive of over 10,000 specially curated books for children, our Sarvamamani Digital Library is one-of-its-kind, a favourite in the campus for our students. Apart from Storytelling sessions, Library Weeks are held with contests on Book reviews, Designing Covers, reading, etc.

Montessori Lab

Play integrates everything we learn, know, feel, relate to and understand. Our exclusive Maria Montessori Lab supports the curious young learners to have hands-on activities that sate their aspiration to learn. We also hold Outreach programs in the lab inviting pre-schoolers to have an experience of the Sensorial Lab with all its high-end apparatus.


Happy learning begins with the serene value of collective prayer in the morning assembly. Our everyday affair is also a learning platform which imbibes values and concepts into thematic presentations, in assembly and dispersal sessions.

Volleyball ground/playground

Our campuses boast of lung space amidst green covers. Sprawling grounds that train children in various sports and games nourishes hopes in children to excel in sports. We have churned District cricketer, State athletes, National hockey and football players, National Long Jump Ace and International Hockey trainer.

Yoga room

The mental and spiritual nature of Yoga is accentuated by the ambiance in which it is practiced. An exclusive full-mirrored Yoga room augments the divinity of the exercise providing an equilibrium of mental and physical preparedness for peace.