This ambitious Montessorian is procedural but with a positive work approach. Comfortable with a work structure, she adapts herself to priorities with enthusiasm.

ACO – Kindergarten

Mrs. Sherine Robin

A blend of creativity and kindness, her boundless enthusiasm and skilled approach makes her the dearest in the hearts of her little buds.

Montessorian – Pre KG

Mrs. Komala

A curious learner, she constantly updates herself and stands apart in whatever she does. A ‘no-sayer’, this tech-freak always remains calm and positive.

Montessorian – LKG

Mrs. Aparna Titus

An easy-going but conscientious person, she is creative and open-minded in teaching and beyond and adapts to the need of the situation.

Montessorian – LKG

Mrs. Shabnam

She bats her challenges with a smile, all for the love of her children. A down core hard-worker, she is a very meticulous at her tasks.

Montessorian – UKG

Mrs. Amudhavalli

A hard-working disciplinarian, she never gives up till she attains success. Her confidence and positive attitude is infectious on her children who are motivated by her.

Montessorian – UKG

Mrs. Parvathi

The soft-voiced technologist is a great team-player and feels comfortable working in a challenging environment.

Montessorian – UKG

Mrs. Deepika

This husky-voiced teacher steals the little one’s hearts with her fun-filled sessions that are proof of her dedication and indulgence at work. Her jubilant approach to her job gives her the needed satisfaction.

Primary Teacher – Grade I

Mrs. Vijayalakshmi

She believesloves her job, loves teaching and so, its only natural that her children love her and love learning.

Primary Teacher – Grade I

Mrs. Amutha. P

An energetic and eager educator, she engages student’s interests, intellect and creativity kindling their spirit of enthusiasm for learning.

Primary Teacher – Grade I

Mrs. Pushpa

A designer of creative and friendly learning environment in the classroom, she mentors students with good moral values, communication skills and discipline for life.

Primary Teacher – Grade II

Mrs. Chitra

She is a passionate innovator with lots of tricks up her sleeves to engage and enrich students in her classes. A friendly and hard-working persona, she is an outright entertainer to her students.

Primary Teacher – Grade II

Mrs. Rachel Priyanka

With an ability to develop strong relationship with her students, she dedicates herself to the profession by keeping her resourceful and goal-oriented.

Language Teacher – Primary

Mrs. Shanthi

This dedicated educator is high on her motivation and innovation factors. She is herself enthusiastic about learning and wants her children to be successful learners.

Primary Teacher

Mrs. Vanaja

A patient, caring and kind personality, she easily adapts herself to situations while engaging her students all the time in learning.

Primary Teacher

Mrs. Ajitha Kumari

Junior Compartment

A dedicated and honest leader, she is a perfectionist with a strong sense of time. Her responsibility and passion for teaching has earned her the privilege of the District Commissioner of Bharath Scouts and Guides for Ponneri District.

ACO – Primary

Mrs. Jayanthi

A promising educator, she always strives for perfection in her work and accepts challenges happily. She works towards imbibing these traits in her students too.

Primary Teacher

Mrs. Devi

She is a creative teacher who uses child-centric approaches for her students. She likes to be known as a helpful and supportive educator.

Primary Teacher

Mrs. Ranjitha

A resourceful teacher, she is dedicated in her profession and cares for her students. A technologically updated hand, she specialises in multi-tasking.

Primary Teacher

Mrs. Aruna

She is a multiple-stream educator and a good entertainer. She trains children, not only in Language but also in music enabling them to be expressively intellectual.

Primary Teacher – Language

Mrs. Amutha Gopal

A smart pandit, she has projected herself to be a passionate teacher and a sincere educator in imparting the Hindi language to children not only as a subject but as a cherishable language.

Primary Teacher – Hindi

Mrs. Bhuvaneswari

A passionate teacher, she inspires her learners throughher creative teaching methodologies. A caring and loving educator, she supports and encourages her students for looking beyond.

Mrs. Gnanadeepam

A tutor of avant-garde, she is an enthusiast pedagogue in pragmatic teaching. She is a tyro in the field of education who is tireless in learning.

Mrs. Karthiga

She is a positive contributor to her lessons and discussions with learners. An energetic team player, she constantly demonstrates a personal responsibility for attitude, actions, words and work.

Mrs. Veena Lydia

She is a successful educator when it comes to creating hands-on learning activities for her students. She presents lessons in a comprehensive manner and strives for more purposeful outcomes from her learners.

Mrs. Rekha

One of the seniors here at SVNP, she is proof that age is just a number when it comes to learning. A compassionate and flexible team player, her orthodox strategies have reinforced an optimism in her.

Mrs. Usha

A zealous guru with a focus on enlightening children with morale. She considers herself a novice but has proved that she is an adherent and vibrant tutor of experiential learning.

Mrs. Athira

A dedicated, resourceful and goal-driven techie, she is zestful and fervid to learn new skills while forging a strong relationship with her students.

Mrs. Mangai

Her involvement, dedication and motivation has set her apart. She educates her students with different skills and prepared them for life.

Mrs. Shanthi

She wants her learners to cherish her learning for life. With her friendly attitude, communication skills, self-discipline and engaging strategies, she motivates her children to have a unique learning experience.

Mrs. Palaniammal


A legion of one, she is an able hand in managing the day-today affairs, right from parent walk-ins to everyday administration. She is honcho exuding warmth in the front office but she is a shrewd administrator at SVNP.

Mrs. Suganthi

A great tech support for the entire Venkateswara Group, he has a lens eye for service. His strong backing for our systems has made us digitally sturdy and technically sound.

Mr. Veera Kalidass

House-Keeping Department

A hard core swachh ambassador at SVNP estate. Beware as she can turn into an angry bird if you don’t abide by the cleanliness rules in the campus.

Mrs. Kavitha

A downright hard-worker who is patient and meticulous in her tasks. She eases an arduous day for us with her patient service.

Mrs. Selvarani

A believer of slow and steady to win the game, she carefully plans her day and carries out her tasks in a framed structure abiding by the rules of the institution.

Mrs. Vasanthi

She mostly likes to keep to herself but is a genuine hand in her tasks. She is always on the look out for constant improvisation in self and profession.

Mrs. Chandra

Transport Department

A ‘fast and furious’ pacer, he is responsible for transporting our little learners to and from the campus. He gears up at work like turbo engines in a jiffy.

Mr. Vasanth

A calm and composed aid in transport, he is handy in other related matters of office and administration too.

Mr. Gnanaraj

A patient and self-possessed person, he is a safe transporter who takes the responsibility of people and ensures their safety.

Mr. Sekar

A quiet and recluse person, he acts in a responsible manner towards children while transporting them, while safely boarding and alighting them.

Mr. Raja Sudhakar