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Come, experience the SVNP way, LIVE in one of the trial classes and see how we evolve education.

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1/4 Build

The Novel

100% Zoom & Learn
Our online zoom classes are filled with activities and fun learning that bring out the desired learning outcomes in children, effortlessly

50% Watch & Learn
Concept videos are posted by our teachers on the My CAMU portal that helps students to retrieve them anytime for reference or learning.

25% ‘Up/Down’ Load & Learn
Worksheets and other resource materials are sent via MYCAMU portal which students download, complete and upload

0% - Join ‘Kiddies Cluster’& Learn
Limited learners per class spending physical learning time at the campus with their mentors for a complete learning experience.

Know the e-SVNP way
2/4 Design

Watch how our kiddies build, design and deploy through online learning

Build : With clear instructions provided, our kiddies are well aware in building their responses to their academic assignments/projects
Design : Our Kiddies express their submissions in creative designs. They always strive for perfection in whatever they do
Deploy : The array of display of their works are done neatly by our kiddies in the required format at the guided posts

Click here to view the student body of work
3/4 Deploy
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Kiddie Cluster Program

A: Are you a working parent looking forward for a minimal offline learning for your kid?
Are you on the lookout for a safe and entrusted place to continue your child’s learning?
Are you worried that the absence of your care and comfort of safe home will put your children and their learning under jeopardy?

B: Our Kiddie Cluster Program is a solution with COVID-19 regulations in place to connect the learner to his learning without any inconveniences to the parent. The KC Program enables the young mind to spend a minimal time (2-3 hours) with teachers in our campus and continue the learning process offline. Considering the current pandemic, all precautionary steps will be taken by the institution to ensure the safety of the child while in the campus.

C To know more about the KC (Kiddies Cluster) Program OR to Register for KCP, click here and we will get back to you promptly.

4/4 Get Started
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Slide Slide Slide We incubate creative minds helping them make inspired choices in their learning. We proudly boast of Green Learning spaces that augment maximum potential in students. The exposure to an experiential classroom environment creates a sense of curiosity in the young minds that leads to a deeper understanding through exploration and discover the knowledge of this world.
Learning Expedition The only school in Chennai with a Curiosity Curriculum in place. Delve deep into our explorative curriculum Click here to start the journey

Slide What makes us truly ‘US’? Our mission is equity and inclusivity in the process of learning. We acknowledge a range of differences in the classroom and develop strategic approaches to build spaces for dialogue and action. Admission 1 We have parents from both worlds, an NRI parent and a labourer 2 The adult and the child learn everyday 3 We learn for all our senses and not merely the head.

Slide The Montessori Magic - The age-appropriate Sensorial Lab in the campus caters to the developmental needs of the Primary learner. Experiential learning this Montessori way, leads to deeper understanding of language, mathematics, science, music, social interactions and much more. With a sensory path, an alphabetical tik-tok game, a weather calendar, a wall poster of student hearts as value additions, the lab also has Montessori tools and aids of learning. Your child will have the Kinaesthetic touch along with the practical life lesson while ensuring he/she stays curious. A sneak peek at SV Playschool Curiosity Curriculum, Blended Learning, Social Skilling and a future-ready kid Open the sack of learning and help us raise a kind, smart, strong child in a safe environment. The best nurturing environment for kids with a designer Early Childhood Program. SV Play School Program

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Slide Xperience SVNP We passionately believe that children deserve opportunity, hope and happy learning explorations “The first school in Chennai to host a virtual assembly” - Virtual Assembly “The first school in India to have various degrees of online learning” -Online, but out of line “The first school in Chennai to hold assesments in different formats both online and offline” COVID-proof assessments

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