Annual Sports Jamboree

The Sports Jamboree commenced on 14th December 2022 in the playground. The Chief Guests Director Kalaimamani Mr.K.Bagyaraj, Lieutenant Colonel Mr .Muruganantham, Correspondent  Shri. Alagarsamy Kannan and Founder Principal Dr. Smt. Uma Kannan graced the occasion with a vibrant opening ceremony that featured a parade of athletes, and the lighting of the ceremonial torch. The ceremony set the tone for the subsequent events and instilled a sense of enthusiasm and excitement among the participants. The Jamboree aimed to encourage maximum participation. To add a touch of diversity and entertainment, the sports meet also featured cultural performances. Participants exhibited exemplary behaviour, showing respect for their opponents, Heads, teachers, and the rules of the game. The spirit of the event was commendable and contributed to a positive and inclusive atmosphere throughout the event.