The learning continuum

It was digital refreshment for our SVV educators on 12th June 2021 when our Board Members Mr. Deepak Kumar and Mrs. Kavya Kannamma at the United States, came online with the webinar Digital Tools that aid Online teaching. Mrs. Ieline S Theophilus, Principal – SVV welcomed the gathering. A presentation, ‘T2 Teachers’ by Mrs. Rekha, ACO-Primary, SVV, urged the teachers to shift from being a traditional teacher to a technical teacher. Post an engaging session on the ‘Rise of digital tools in online classes’ by SVNP, the Guest Presenters’ module took the educators on an exhilarating journey into the digital world for effective and safe engagement of our students. The Nano-technologist ensured that the tools were grade and age-relevant inorder to maximize student learning while Board Member Dr. Kavya Kannamma too joined him in guiding the educators to provide benign measures of learning making both teachers and students safe in their teaching-learning process. A surprise session by our Creative Director & CEO Mrs. Dhanya Bharathi fetched more learning applications especially for middle and high schoolers. The webinar highlighted the fact that the ‘teacher is the main tool with the digital tools as supplements