Key Stage Induction 3.0

The learning impressions of our educators took shape for the forthcoming academic session at the Annual Teachers’ Orientation program of SVGS. Department-wise presentations were done by educators paving progressive pathways with structured plans for curriculum execution. SVNP team of educators enthusiastically participated in the presentations with their enriched inputs on teaching strategies.
The event was presided by the Management of SVGS, Correspondent Shri. Alagarsamy Kannan, Founder Principal Dr. Smt. Umakannan and CEO Mrs. Dhanya Bharathi. The Principals of SVV & SVM along with the Headmistresses of SVNP & SVPS marched their teams forward with a learning momentum that was to be kept intact all through the forthcoming academic year, 2019-20. A Tibetan Singing Bowls meditation opened the session on all 3 days and provided a mental calmness preparing the audience for the day’s learning.