Founders Day & Annual Day

Unveiling the Magic: A Glimpse into our School’s Founders and Annual Day Celebration.
SVGS celebrated its Annual day at Sri Venkateswara Public Sr. Sec. School, Puzhal, with the theme, G20 Pangea. It is not just an event; This grand event is a culmination of talent, creativity, and teamwork, bringing students, teachers, and parents together in a joyous celebration of our shared journey.
The festivities kicked off with a vibrant array of cultural ensemble performances, that showcased the rich diversity of international music and dance. that echoed the heartbeat of our cultural heritage to contemporary music and theatrical acts that pushed the boundaries of creativity, the stage became a canvas for our students to paint their stories.
One of the highlights is the much-awaited Luminaries address, where words of encouragement and reflection resonated with the audience. It’s a moment when the school’s achievements were applauded, and the collective efforts of students and staff were acknowledged.
The annual day celebration isn’t just about showcasing academic excellence; it’s also a platform for recognizing and honoring extracurricular achievements. Awards were presented for achievements in academics, Techo savvy leaders .
Parental involvement is key to the success of our annual day celebration. The proud parents witnessed the culmination of their children’s hard work and dedication, making the event a memorable family experience. It’s a day where the school community comes together to celebrate not only academic achievements but also the bonds forged through shared experiences.
In essence, our annual day celebration transcends the routine of school life, becoming a canvas where memories are painted, talents are showcased, and the spirit of unity flourishes. It’s a day when the school pulsates with energy, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of everyone present, creating a legacy that echoes in the corridors until the next annual celebration beckons.