Monte-Pro 2019

An awe-inspiring expo “Monte-Pro 2019” was held by SVNP Kindergarten and Pre-Primary compartments to exhibit the learning outcomes of children. The most important agenda of the expo held on 15th March 2019, turned out to be inauguration of the exclusive ‘Maria Montessori Lab’ well-stocked with Montessori apparatus to provide a hands-on experience for children in their learning. The Lab was inaugurated by Mr. Sanjay Ramaswamy, Ex-MLA and Philanthropist, in the presence of our Correspondent Shri. Alagarsamy Kannan, Founder Principal Dr. Smt. Umakannan, CEO Mrs. Dhanya Bharathi, Board Members Mr. Trikanth Chalasani, Mr. Deepak Kumar and Dr. Kavya Kannamma.