SVNP Graduation Day

The Upper Kindergarteners of SVNP were bestowed their graduation in a stately and colourful convocation event presided by “Thennagathin Mother Teresa”, the Cancer Crusader, Padma Vibushan Dr. V. Shanta, Chairperson, Adyar Cancer Institute (WIA), who added a majestic luminance to the event with her gracious presence and an impressive and guiding speech for the parents, students and the teachers. The graduates were presented with a commemorative plaque in appreciation of their achievement and in recognition of their entry into mainstream schooling. The Guest of Honour for the day was the Managing Trustee of SVGS Dr. Kavya Kannamma, also a Resident Oncologist at Wake Forest Baptist Health, North Carolina, US. She imparted an impactful speech to the parent community urging them to dedicate their time and self to their ward and to nurture their curiosity. Later, the students presented a striking array of cultural events creatively staged and feasted by the audience. The event was an enormous success under the patronizing Management of SVGS, Correspondent Sri. Alagarswamy Kannan, Founder Principal Dr. Smt. Uma Kannan, CEO Smt. Dhanya Bharathi, Managing Trustee Dr. Kavya Kannamma, Committee Members Mr. Deepak Kumar and Mr. Trikanth Chalasani.