Republic Day

Viksit Bharat: Pioneering Progress on Republic Day” at Sri Venkateswara Matric Higher Secondary School.
In a nation propelled by innovation and resilience, Republic Day 2024 serves as a beacon of progress and promise. As SVM, commemorate this historic occasion, we celebrate not only the principles of democracy but also the transformative journey of Viksit Bharat – a nation forging ahead with bold ideas and visionary leadership. Dr Marcus Mullen the renowned Dentist was the chief guest and Mercy Mullen was the guest of honour, embellished the occasion .As we salute the tricolor and hoist the flag on Republic Day, let us envision a Viksit Bharat – a nation of boundless possibilities, where innovation flourishes, diversity thrives, and every citizen contributes to the journey of progress. Together, let us build a brighter tomorrow, guided by the spirit of democracy, innovation and unity. Jai Hind!