Snowmen Square Up

A wondrous winter activity by little Ms. Aadvika Bipin, this is a great craft displaying her creativity. This activity has made her follow instructions, learn about shapes and textures. Most importantly, it has helped Ms. Aadvika develop her Fine Motor skills using the small muscles in her hands and improve her bilateral coordination skills as she uses both her hands in this activity. It enhances her literacy skills, strengthening her communication and helping her acquire new vocabulary and lots of listening, as she hears instructions. Mathematical concepts have been infused in her activity, learning about shapes and it is in her own creative perspective that she has made the snowmen, square in shape.

With quality time spent at home with her parents in doing this activity with simple and home-available materials, the self-esteem of Aadvika would have been boosted, giving her lot of pride and a great sense of achievement leading her to discover a whole new idea with lots of patience and self-regulation.