Star teaching for proficiency

Mrs. Ranjitha Babu strives hard to make children strong in their LSRW competencies. Language proficiency of children is based on their ability in LSRW skills which are interlinked and have to be developed together.

LSRW sessions bring fun activities to children enabling them to listen and absorb the English language. Level-wise gradations are offered to the learners and their progress is continuously monitored to identify learning gaps and fill them.

The online LSRW sessions are engaging for children encouraging them to speak, making them read and write and listen a lot. Comprehending the session is in itself an art that children shall possess on being constantly probed and guided.

Here, Mrs. Ranjitha has made use of pictorial illustrations and models to make LSRW sessions livelier. She also encourages interactive learning during these sessions to allow children express their thoughts. We strive hard to make children proficient in the English language as we see it as a passport to their success and not just as a medium of communication.