Taller aspirations for greater heights….

Meet Ms. Sabitha from Grade 3. With a desire to master the Tamil language, her activity focuses on the identification of the Tamil letters and finding the hidden words in the giraffe.

This activity will pop, tug and fan through word-building and phonics practice in the language. Language serves important functions such as asking and answering questions, giving commands, expressing opinions and relating events. A child’s development in a language is interwoven with broader conceptual understanding and the development of important cognitive skills such as categorisation and comparison. This activity also cross checks the written work, if similar letters have been written correctly. At the end of the activity, Sabitha has learnt to identify letters, write them in their structure, identify meaningful words in the letter maze by placing the letters in the correct order, match the sounds of letters and simple words to the written form, memorise spellings, recognise simple words in written form, etc. This activity also helps the teacher to make an informal assessment of a child’s understanding and response to a range of letters.