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Measuring progress in units of exploration

This exploration by Master Dev of grade V has made him indulgent in the lesson ‘Measurement’. This activity helps Dev to quantify the world around him by understanding the processes of measurement, the concept of a unit and getting familiar with the tools and common units of measurement. Analytical, computational and problem-solving skills are developed […]

Taller aspirations for greater heights….

Meet Ms. Sabitha from Grade 3. With a desire to master the Tamil language, her activity focuses on the identification of the Tamil letters and finding the hidden words in the giraffe. This activity will pop, tug and fan through word-building and phonics practice in the language. Language serves important functions such as asking and […]

Starry heights with prized gaits

Syed Mohammed Ali of Grade 4 holds his stars with pride. Made out of simple materials, his creative indulgence is evident in his work. Such artistic expressions vent out children’s thoughts and ideas giving shape to their perspectives. Developing his cognitive, physiological and creative skills, Syed would have strengthened his listening skills following the set […]