The moment of pride and honour to SVGS

The Venkateswarans won the proud moment of interacting with the scientists of ISRO about Mission Chandrayan 3 on 23.8.23 .

The state soil of Tamilnadu itself contributes to the Lunar Mission.
As a precursor to Mission Chandrayan 3, Tamilnadu Science and Technology, Chennai jointly with Ariviyal Palagai organized interschool science contests to motivate and  identify scientific talents and encourage the students.
The students of Sri Venkateswara Matriculation Hr. Sec. School basks  in the glory of a remarkable victory of presenting the best model of Mission Chandrayan 3 and winning accolades in painting and essay writing competition as well. The Venkateswarans  won the great moment and the golden opportunity to interact with the scientists of  ISRO on 23.08.23, Wednesday- a few hours to go for a soft landing of Vikram Lander  which would fetch the highest pride to India.